Today in the city Old Harbor 21.09.2017
7-Year-Old Girl Survives Kidnapping, Assault and Being Thrown Off Bridge

A 7-year-old girl somehow survived being thrown from a Massachusetts bridge by an alleged kidnapper and found the strength to swim to safety in the middle of the night.

Father Dies After Dirt Bike Crash That Killed 2-Year-Old

Authorities say a man has died from injuries he suffered in a dirt bike crash in Virginia that also killed his 2-year-old son.

Police: 10-Year-Old Struck by Car, Seriously Injured

Police in upstate New York say a 10-year-old child has been seriously injured after being hit by a car.

The Internet Is Obsessed With This 5-Year-Old Girl's "Hair Chronicles"

Charle-feigh's mother, Markeisha Simien, just wanted her little girl to look cute on the first day of school. After giving the girl a stunning braided look, on Sunday night that should have lasted day...

A day in the life of a 9-year-old student in China’s biggest Kung Fu school

An empty parade ground fills the foreground. The camera pans upwards to reveal misty hills and fir trees and a thin black line of people. Suddenly, a shout goes up and the black line rushes forward, r...

Grieving public reacts to news of the death of old Taylor Swift, declared dead by new Taylor Swift

It is the morning after the late night release of a new Taylor Swift single, and we must bow our heads and share a moment of silence. The old Taylor Swift, whom we so loved to call, cannot come to the...

Missouri County Examines Decades-Old Remains to Solve Cases

A Missouri county has begun trying to identify seven decades-old remains found in the Kansas City area.

Man Convicted in Beating Death of 4-Year-Old in Colorado

A jury concluded a man who moved to Colorado Springs in search of a relationship with a 4-year-old son he didn't know ended up beating the boy to death within a month of his arrival.

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